Atomthreads on MIPS architecture

Atomthread's port to MIPS architecture is complete. A few of the test cases are working fine. Some of them need to be fixed. Working on them. The source can be pulled from here. Its upto Kelvin now when he wants to pull in the changes. Since this is new port to a 32-bit architecture, there are some changes in the core kernel code itself. Hopefully, MIPS will get merged soon.

Once I am done with validating and fixing all the test cases, I can go back to the reason I started this port -- my hypervisor. I have not been working on it for one and a half week now. Last one and a half week, I was busy with porting atomthreads to MIPS.

I started this port because for testing the hypervisor, I wanted a small OS that doesn't play with MMU much. My first target is to test the instruction emulation framework for which Linux would be too heavy.

Hope I will get back to hypervisor soon.


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